ABECK Group onshores steel grating manufacture – by Peter Angelico

Australian Manufacturing Forum member Peter Angelico (pictured below) explains why his ABECK Group, a supplier to infrastructure, construction and manufacturing companies, has onshored manufacture of steel gratings previously imported from overseas.

As the Covid pandemic continues to wreak havoc in the Australian economy, ordering from an overseas supplier comes with increased risk.

There are minimum order quantities you need to meet.

Most of them cannot provide a ‘just-in-time’ order approach because of logistical difficulties.

Many don’t provide customisation, forcing your business to cut corners or compromise on quality just to get supply in.

These issues are especially evident when it comes to ordering forge welded grating.

Research shows that for every $100 spent on a foreign business, only $29 stays here. Now, when you spend $100 on an Australian manufacturer, $83 is likely to stay here.

By keeping money in the local economy, you’re keeping profits and taxes in the Australian economy, helping to retain and create careers for your fellow Australians.

As we continue to battle with the Covid pandemic, our local economy needs your support more than ever.

That’s why we’ve invested time and money installing the latest and most innovative type of forge weld grating machinery.

The Great Southern Grating Machine can produce full sheets up to 6.0 x 1.2 or small ‘just in time’ orders (and everything in between).

If you still want to depend on an overseas supply chain, just take a look at how unstable the global supply chain is right now. By outsourcing overseas in these circumstances, you’re risking huge losses to your business and major delays to all your projects.

By sourcing Australian-made grating, you’re supporting a local manufacturing base that’s been devastated by the pandemic this year.

As an Australian supplier, we’re better equipped to ensure that you get what you need, exactly when you need it. Your support will also help us retain much needed trade skills in Australia so that we can build a better and stronger nation going forward.

Peter Angelico is founder and managing director of ABECK Group.

Pictures: ABECK Group/Peter Angelico

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