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AEMO and ARENA to harmonise standards for solar and batteries

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The federal government is moving to harmonise multiple digital standards and platforms that are holding consumers back from making the most of rooftop solar PV systems, home batteries and grid-connected electric vehicles.

Building a common digital platform for solar, batteries and other consumer energy resources to work together could unlock up to $6 billion in benefits over the next 20 years, according to analysis by Deloitte Access Economics.

The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) will work with industry to develop an Open Data Exchange that will make orchestration of consumer energy easier.

AEMO will develop an Open Data Exchange to make it possible for more data to be collected about clean energy technology like solar and batteries. This critical digital infrastructure will ensure consumers get value by ensuring small scale technologies are fully utilised, connected and able to sell energy to the grid, according to a statement.

The project builds on recommendations from Project EDGE, an ARENA-funded AEMO project that demonstrated a proof-of-concept marketplace for consumer energy resources.

ARENA is separately providing $336,000 funding to GridWise Energy Solutions as part of an $800,000 software project that will make it easier for renewable energy to be connected to the grid.

The online assessment platform will streamline the current process by reducing duplication of work and making it simpler and faster to assess connection of new renewable generation.

Assistant Minister for Climate Change and Energy Jenny McAllister said: “Common digital infrastructure for solar and batteries is the standard railway gauge of the modern energy system.

“Rooftop solar is the second largest source of capacity in the national electricity system. Making the most of home energy means we can make energy more reliable and more affordable for everyone.

“As Australians adopt more technology like batteries, EVs and smart appliances, being able to interact easily with the grid will only become more important.”

McAllister said the funding contributes to the government’s reliable renewables plan.

“People are powering their homes and this work will help them power the grid too.”

Picture: Jenny McAllister

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