All eyes on Australian manufacturing

Yes, Australian manufacturing is having its moment here. You can’t miss it.


We’ve lost track of the  stories this month on heroic coronavirus-inspired pivots, of the industry’s overall importance, and of the need for it to play a big role in the post-Covid-19 rebuild. 


“Coronavirus shortages prompt Australia to bring manufacturing home” read a headline from the Financial Times last week.


The rest of the world is noticing our moment, too.


@AuManufacturing has certainly seen an uptick in curiosity – and from all over the world – if our Google Analytics dashboard is to be believed.


We’re happy to report that @AuManufacturing has smashed its daily and weekly web traffic records last week, even though it was a short week. This month will easily be a record one. Subscribers, too, are coming in thick and fast, and coming in at roughly quadruple the rate they were pre-coronavirus.


As we said a week ago, this is a pretty important time, and all this attention and goodwill shouldn’t be wasted.


If you haven’t already sent us something, then please give us your thoughts on what needs to happen next. 


We’re crowdsourcing a new deal for manufacturing, with some fine policy proposals so far and more in the pipeline. Please see a little more on our effort here.


This is your opportunity to put your best ideas forward, and to share them with our burgeoning audience.


Australian Manufacturing Forum member Jon Haywood-Wright is also bringing together a small team to collate the wisdom of all these submissions, and to distil it into a new deal policy document.


We need your expertise to help craft this policy. Submissions should be made to [email protected], or by posting on the AMF. We’ll be accepting submissions for the rest of the month.


In May, Jon’s group will circulate a draft document for input before a final new deal for manufacturing policy is developed, presented to an industry group committee – led by former Dow chemical CEO Andrew Liveris – on the National Coordination Commission.


Thank you.


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