Amaero’s aluminium alloy nears patent protection

Metal additive manufacturing company Amaero International’s new high performance aluminium alloy Amaero HOT Al has entered the final stage of approval for patent protection in major target markets.

The company reported that patent applications covering the alloy, made with scandium and manganese, in markets strategic to global supply chains in aviation, defence, space and sports equipment industries had entered their final approval stage.

The alloy, originally developed by Monash University, is now in the national phase of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).

Amaero HOT Al can be 3D printed into parts that can be hardened using heat treatment, yielding superior strength and durability at high operating temperatures.

CEO Barrie Finnin said: “There has been a significant amount of work completed over more than half a century to improve the heat tolerance of aluminium alloys to allow therm to withstand higher operating temperatures.

“Today we have a solution through the company’s newly developed aluminium-scandium alloy.”

Aluminium is not generally selected for uses above 160 degrees Celsius, with Amaero targeting the new alloy to replace heavier metals such as steel and titanium.

Amaero has exclusive global rights to the new alloy, which is one of two Monash alloys the company has progressed to the national phase.

Picture: Amaero International

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