AML3D testing additive production for mining sector

Additive manufacturing technology company AML3D has begun a testing programme which could see its technology used in making high wear and fatigue loaded parts for the mining sector.

The testing of parts made using AML3D’s wire arc additive manufacturing (WAM) process is being carried out for AdditiveNow, a joint venture between Advisian Digital and Aurora Labs which makes bespoke 3D printed complex parts for the energy, chemicals and resources industries.

Advisian Digital is engineering group Worley’s data science, software and technology business, and Aurora Labs develops metal 3D printers and powders.

The tests involve the design and manufacture of a large part for a major Australian mining company.

AML3D told investors that it anticipated that WAM could be utilised to reduce inventory costs associated with components that have naturally long lead-times.

“Positive results from this test programme may promote the adoption of WAM across other AdditiveNow customers with similar requirements.”

AML3D’s managing director Andrew Sales said: “We are confident that our test samples will pass the stringent requirements and progress to manufacturing large mining components with WAM in order to reduce inventory for customers.”

Picture: AML3D

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