ASA and Aerobotix launch into hypersonic missile production

Robotic integration companies Aerobotix and Automated Solutions Australia (ASA) today announced an international robotic automation partnership for the development, testing and manufacturing of hypersonic missiles.

The partnership follows the 2021 signing of the AUKUS security pact between the US, UK and Australia which includes provisions for the allies to work together on hypersonic and counter-hypersonic capabilities.

The Aerobotix-ASA collaboration will enable the Australian defence sector and Australian defence contractors to more easily access both companies’ expertise in automation.

The two companies got to know each other’s capabilities through their involvement in the robotic coating automation industry and are now working together to pursue projects for which a sovereign manufacturing presence is required.

Aerobotix business development manager Josh Tuttle said: “We will work with the US State Department for approval of any technology transfer for ASA.

“We will also help ASA in other ways. For example, we can save them years of costly development work by sharing how to robotically spray FIREX RX-2390 Thermal Protection System coatings for missile manufacturing.”

Huntsville, Alabama-based Aerobotix has experience in the use of robotics to scan, sand, measure and paint hypersonic missiles on multiple successful missile programmes.

ASA general manager Nathan Jones (pictured) said: “Aerobotix has already deployed several production robotic systems for hypersonics.

“They are even making critical test parts for programmes that haven’t had time to build production facilities. Their willingness to support our company, and Australia, is going to significantly reduce costs, schedule delays and programme risk.”

Automated Solutions Australia has installed more than 100 FANUC painting robots in Australia, and has been supplying flexible robotic automation systems for 20 years.

Picture: ASA general manager Nathan Jones

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