@AuManufacturing Conversations episode 5 — Catie Fry from Clovendoe

In episode five of @AuManufacturing Conversations with Brent Balinski, we speak to Catie Fry, founder and Master Distiller at Clovendoe, a Gold Coast-based distillery with a difference.

Fry’s career in the drinks business began with a gin and rum enterprise that she, her husband and some friends opened in Rockhampton in 2016. It was before the current explosion in popularity for no-alcohol beverages, but the designated drivers she noticed visiting their establishment on the Bruce Highway, and the shortage of femininity at the workplace, prompted her to leave and start Clovendoe.

The female-owned and operated Clovendoe is run from the Gold Coast by Fry and her long-time friend Sarah Bendy. According to the company it is Australia’s first low- and no-alcohol distillery.

It’s in a category currently experiencing remarkable growth worldwide. According to IWSR Drinks Market Analysis info released in February last year, it was worth 3 per cent of the total beverage alcohol market in 2020; and “total volume is forecasted to grow by +31% by 2024” 

Fry tells us about why she believes the current boom won’t turn into a bust, considering halal customers as part of the company’s inclusivity ethos, not trying to go too big too soon when offering a premium, artisanal product, her perspective on the gender imbalance in manufacturing, and more.

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