@AuManufacturing Conversations episode 7 – Shay Chalmers from Strategic Engineering

In episode seven of @AuManufacturing Conversations with Brent Balinski, we speak to Shay Chalmers, founder of Strategic Engineering and a director at a collection of private and public entities, most of them to do with manufacturing in some way.

Chalmers describes herself as “believing in the power of collaboration to drive positive social change, especially as the global manufacturing community works towards a carbon neutral future.”

Episode guide:

1:20 — A potted biography

2:20 — Recent visit to Austin, Houston and Washington as part of the Australian American Leadership Dialogue

7:00 — Australian and US cultural differences in manufacturing, what we can learn from their fearlessness, and why we need to do a better job talking ourselves up

11:45 — Current work at Strategic Engineering, moves being seen among local manufacturers to de-risk their supply chains, address labour shortages, and scale up

1420 — Beginning a PhD this year to build on and “Australianise” international research for our particular cultural needs

17:40 — Recent freeze on Modern Manufacturing Initiative grants while a “value for money review” happens, what this looks like for Turbine, planned as “Australia’s first purpose built, end-to-end food and beverage manufacturing and education precinct”

23:20 — What happens when you offshore, failures in IP transfer across countries, and why there’s “a lot of magic in manufacturing” that gets lost

27:40 — Industry policy, why grants aren’t always the answer, how the government can share risk, and the power of procurement

31:18 —  Why we need to talk more about the industry and its importance, and to celebrate both successes and failures

“I just at my very core want to help Australian manufacturing to be the very best that it can be. And I think we can do better.”

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Picture credit: www.shaychalmers.com/about

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