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Australia needs waste avoidance and well as recycling to meet goals: report

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A new report argues Australia will not meet its waste reduction targets through recycling alone, and must appreciate waste as a design flaw in goods and services.

The Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE) released its Towards a Waste Free Future paper on Wednesday, saying the research shows the nation must look at waste avoidance if it is to achieve a goal of 80 reduction in all waste streams by 2030.

“We should be designing products from the start so that they have a long and productive first life, and can then be re-used, repaired, or made into something else once they reach the end of that first life,” said ATSE Chief Executive Office Kylie Walker in a statement.

The group’s consultation also found strong economic benefits from the nation making the best use of finite resources, with an estimated $24 billion increase in the economy through a 5 per cent increase in material efficiency.

“Moving to a more circular economy would have enormous benefits – not just for the environment but also for jobs creation,” added Walker.

The new report can be read here.


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