Australian company publishes record efficiency result, says it can make green hydrogen “well below” $2/kilo

University of Wollongong green hydrogen spinout Hysata has published a paper in Nature Communications that it says earns global recognition for their new electrolyser approach, which is “on a clear pathway” to commercialisation and gigawatt-scale production.

The company, which was officially launched last year, said the result was confirmation of its capillary-fed electrolysis cell’s ability to make green hydrogen from water at 98 per cent cell energy efficiency and at “well below” $2 per kilogram. It was “on a clear pathway to commercialise the world’s most efficient electrolyser and reach gigawatt-scale” output by 2025.

The federal government’s target is $2 per kilogram of hydrogen.

“Economics will ultimately determine which technologies win, and with our world-beating efficiency, Hysata is well placed to lead in this major new global market,” said CEO Paul Barrett in a statement.

Professor Gerry Swiegers, Hysata’s CTO, said electrolysis had been around for about two centuries but green hydrogen had not yet become economic.

“Hysata’s overall electrolyser system has been designed for ease of manufacturing, scaling and installation, delivering 95 percent overall system efficiency, equivalent to 41.5 kWh/kg, compared to 75 per cent or less for existing electrolyser technologies,” said Swiegers.

Hysata launched in June 2021, with $5 million in backing from IP Group and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, and is based out of UOW’s Australian Institute for Innovative Materials. 

The company’s foundational technology is based on a breakthrough developed by a team led by Swiegers from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science (ACES.)

The paper in Nature Communications, titled A high-performance capillary-fed electrolysis cell promises more cost-competitive renewable hydrogen, can be accessed here.


Pictures: Hysata

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