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Bridgewest to expand pharma manufacturing facility

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Investment group Bridgewest Group has bought the Adelaide biologics manufacturing plant operated by pharmaceutical group Pfizer and will develop it into a contract drug and vaccine manufacturer.

Pfizer, which operates four Australian factories employing 1,000, sold the Thebarton plant for an undisclosed sum to the tightly-held investment group which founded the BioDuro drug manufacturing operations in the United States and China.

The Adelaide facility has product development, commercialisation and manufacturing capability in microbial-based products such as proteins, vaccines, and plasmids.

It will continue to be operated by Pfizer subsidiary Hospira Adelaide until the third quarter of 2021, when Bridgewest will take control.

CEO Masood Tayebi said: “As we transition this site into a full-fledged contract development and manufacturing organisation, we see significant potential to leverage this centre of excellence to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our clients across every stage of drug development and manufacture.”

Bridgewest plans to expand existing capacity and develop capabilities in mammalian cell production and cell and gene therapies.

CEO of Bridgewest Australia Biotech Ian Wisenberg said the company aimed to be a force in the industry locally and overseas.

Wisenberg said: “This site has all the trappings to be a significant player in support of the development and manufacture of therapeutics for our clients around the world.

“The team is world-class, and we are very excited to have the opportunity to retain such a capable and experienced group of individuals.”

Picture: Pfizer

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