Profiles of success: the regional electronics manufacturer that listens to trees

Award-winning electronics business ICT International launched its new production facility in Armidale last week. Brent Balinski spoke to co-founder and CEO Susan Cull about keeping customers in 55 countries happy while operating from “a small country town”.

How an Aussie invention could soon cut 5% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions

By Andrew Blakers, Professor of Engineering, Australian National University In the 1980s, a global race was underway: to find a more efficient way of converting energy from the sun into electricity. Some 30 years ago, our research team at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) came up with a breakthrough, called the PERC silicon…

Pens and prospering as a manufacturer

Trajan has been developing a world-first blood sampling device for several years. Brent Balinski spoke to company founder and chairman Stephen Tomisich about the hemaPEN – which is about to gain registration here and overseas – and where Australian companies can be competitive.

Canberra-esque madness kills the SME-focused innovation patent system

Comment by Peter Roberts Parliament has passed legislation killing the low cost innovation patent system, bowing to arguments from the Productivity Commission. Legislation killing the patent was passed by the Senate last week and followed an essentially economically-focused review that lacked transparency. This is yet another victory in a long list of destructive wins by…