A once in a generation funding opportunity: monetary policies open doors to global funding opportunities

Treasurer Josh Frydenburg’s message to business is “to back yourself and use your balance sheet to invest and grow.” Whilst we may not agree with all his policies, it is clear there is a significant need to invest in R&D, innovation and ways to enhance productivity, whether that’s through new technologies or processes to improve performance.

India’s not joining the latest free-trade deal which limits Australia’s market access

By Pat Ranald, Research fellow, University of Sydney Australian prime minister Scott Morrison and other leaders involved in the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) announced late yesterday that 15 of the 16 countries have finalised the text, and are prepared to sign the trade deal in early 2020. India is the only one not to…

Behind those headlines. Why not to rely on claims robots threaten half our jobs

By Michael Coelli, Senior Lecturer, University of Melbourne and Jeff Borland, Professor of Economics, University of Melbourne Should we believe headlines claiming nearly half of all jobs will be lost to robots and artificial intelligence? We think not, and in a newly released study we explain why. Headlines trumpeting massive job losses have been in abundance…

Is Industry 4.0 the most important economic and social topic for Australia?

Today I spoke at the National Press Club on a topic close to my heart: Industry 4.0.
I opened by saying that the most important topic the nation can focus on is preparing for the 4th industrial revolution – or as the Germans call it, Industrie 4.0.