“We’ve only scratched the surface of the opportunity.” An interview with the new AFCG CEO about Geelong’s fibre future

It is hard to think of carbon fibre in Australia and not think of Geelong. It’s a material with countless uses – in cars, sporting goods, exoskeletons and beyond – and Victoria’s second city is home to the scientific, engineering and commercial expertise needed to develop it into the products of tomorrow.

Titanium is the perfect metal to make replacement human body parts

By Laichang Zhang, Professor Mechanical Engineering, Edith Cowan University Titanium gets its name from the Titans of ancient Greek mythology but this thoroughly modern material is well suited to a huge range of high-tech applications. With the chemical symbol Ti and an atomic number of 22, titanium is a silver-coloured metal valued for its low density, high strength, and…

Profiles of success: Aussie AV pioneer urges us to think our way to prosperity

Australia can claim numerous motion picture technology achievements. From the current work of special effects and animation houses Animal Logic and Rising Sun, to the Cineon workstation (which won a Scientific and Technical Oscar) developed at Kodak Melbourne, all the way back to legendary inventor Henry Sutton’s proto-TV.

Lithium Australia in battery materials advance

Materials technology business Lithium Australia (ASX: LIT) has successfully generated a high purity lithium phosphate from waste materials using its SiLeach process. Previously Lithium Australia has successfully produced LFP batteries from unrefined, SiLeach generated lithium phosphate. Now in association with ANSTO, the company has announced a simple means of removing impurities resulting in a product…