9 Queensland manufacturers to add to your Christmas shopping list

By Shay Chalmers, Director, Strategic Engineering Australia We have an abundance of high-quality, affordable, consumer-ready products made right here in Queensland, but we hear little about them. I’ve decided to list nine of my favourite manufacturers and retailers who make buying local even easier. Each of these Queensland businesses are manufacturing their products locally, enabling…

A once in a generation funding opportunity: monetary policies open doors to global funding opportunities

Treasurer Josh Frydenburg’s message to business is “to back yourself and use your balance sheet to invest and grow.” Whilst we may not agree with all his policies, it is clear there is a significant need to invest in R&D, innovation and ways to enhance productivity, whether that’s through new technologies or processes to improve performance.

Member viewpoint: Chris Gilbey on the magic that is graphene

Viewpoint by Australian Manufacturing Forum member, Chris Gilbey We have several problems in this country. And manufacturing isn’t one of them. One part of the problem is that people generally assume that manufacturing doesn’t exist in Australia. Since you are reading @AuManufacturing and likely a member of the manufacturing Forum, I think it is fair…

Effective ways to help reduce fuel consumption

Member viewpoint by Australian Manufacturing Forum member Greg Newham As efficient transport is a key factor in the cost of manufacturing, rising and unpredictable fuel prices represent an ongoing challenge to Australia’s manufacturing sector to remain competitive. The ability of Australia’s transport industry to service the needs of the market continues to be impacted by…

Is Industry 4.0 the most important economic and social topic for Australia?

Today I spoke at the National Press Club on a topic close to my heart: Industry 4.0.
I opened by saying that the most important topic the nation can focus on is preparing for the 4th industrial revolution – or as the Germans call it, Industrie 4.0.

Industry 4.0 foresight: Overcoming barriers for Australia’s future industry champions

In August David Chuter, CEO and managing director of the Innovative Manufacturing CRC, had the privilege of participating in the inaugural conference of the Industry 4.0 Advanced Manufacturing Forum. One of the highlights was the Forum’s panel discussion about ‘Industry 4.0 Foresight’ in which he highlighted the imperative for Australian manufacturers to join the Industry 4.0 movement.

Plastic: from problem to circular resource

By Andrea Polson, Marketing and Communications Manager, Licella   Currently only 50% of plastics can be physically recycled. The rest, termed ‘End-of-Life Plastic’, is sent to landfill, incinerated or ends up in our oceans.   Almost two years after China Sword (the World’s major waste importer banning the import of foreign waste), we still need to…