Lithium Australia recovers lithium from spent li-ion batteries

Lithium Australia (ASX: LIT) has successfully refined lithium phosphate from spent lithium-ion batteries (LIBs), and is proceeding to manufacture cathode powders. The company, announced it was producing lithium-ferro-phosphate (LPT) coin cells to test the performance of its re-birthed cathodes, effectively proving its novel battery recycling technologies. The Perth company has also recovered nickle and cobalt…

New report calculates value added by Australian chemical manufacturing vs LNG

Research released on Tuesday by Chemistry Australia estimates the chemical sector’s annual economic contribution to Australia as $37.7 billion and 212,000 full-time jobs, and found that each petajoule it uses creates 33 times more value than the LNG industry and 68 times more value than if that gas was used to create power.