Visionflex adds ultrasound to telehealth offering

Telemedicine device manufacturer Visionflex has added an ultrasound capability (pictured) to its ProEx Telehealth Hub remote healthcare system. The system connects patients and medical practitioners in remote areas via satellite, allowing remote monitoring of patients and diagnosis of health conditions. Using a range of devices such as digital cameras, pulse oximiters, ECG heart monitors, thermometers…

Space, the new Defence spending frontier

More than $7 billion will be spent to transform how Australia’s defence force operates in space, with a focus on improving sovereign capability.
The defence force will receive about $7 billion over the next decade to transform the way it operates in space. This means space will account for about 3 per cent of total defence investment over the next 10 years.

Prefab house built in just 10 days

A duplex in Matraville in Sydney’s eastern suburbs has been completed to lock up stage in 10 days using an innovative locally prefabricated construction system. The prefab system is the fastest panelised house construction system in Australia, according to its developer Panelup Systems, and can speed up home construction by more than 50 per cent.…