Technologies and tools for a manufacturing transformation: why it’s important to commercialise new materials by Gary Walsh

@AuManufacturing’s highly successful new deal plan for manufacturing was aimed at Australia’s policy makers. Our new series, crowd sourced advice from our manufacturing community, aims to help businesses transform their operations to compete and grow through new tools and technologies. Here Gary Walsh explains why it’s important to commercialise new materials by taking ideas out of the lab and into industrial reality

A new deal plan for manufacturing – Support for local innovation is crucial for Australia’s manufacturing future

R&D incentives for ground-breaking ideas exist, but there are other important ways to support clever manufacturers and grow the sector. Phil Hodgson lays out a case for better purchasing decisions in his contribution to @AuManufacturing’s campaign to crowd source a new deal plan for manufacturing post Covid-19 Disruption to global supply chains caused by the COVID-19 pandemic…

Coronavirus lessons from past crises: how WWI and WWII spurred scientific innovation in Australia

In the wake of COVID-19, we’re seeing intense international competition for urgently-needed supplies including personal protection equipment and ventilators. In Australia, this could extend to other critical imports such as pharmaceuticals and medicines. And when our manufacturing sector can’t fill unexpected breaks in supply chains, we all face risk.

In the black: startup pushing ahead commercialising waste-to-activated-carbon technology

Environmental technology company Bygen is taking technology out of University of Adelaide labs and using it to give agricultural waste a higher purpose. Brent Balinski spoke to co-founder and CEO Dr Lewis Dunnigan about using almond shells and other ingredients to supply the growing activated carbon market.

Taking US oil in a global crisis sounds good on paper, but it won’t do much for Australia’s energy security

By Christian Downie, Australian Research Council DECRA Fellow, Australian National University The federal government this week signed a deal with the US to access their oil reserves should global supplies be disrupted and we eat into our meagre reserve. Oil security is a hot topic in Australia – we consume more than a decade ago, produce…