CDIC becomes Office of Defence Industry Support


The federal government has replaced the Centre for Defence Industry Capability with a new body that will operate as the ‘one-stop shop’ for SME’s doing business with defence, the Office of Defence Industry Support.

The minister for defence industry Melissa Price today launched the new organisation which she said would be used by defence and major contractors to find Australian solutions to capability challenges among small and medium businesses.

It will help businesses enter the defence market – or expand their defence footprint – and features experienced, specialist staff with Air Force, Navy, Army and commercial backgrounds to ensure the right advice is provided to business.

Price said: “ODIS is a new organisation with a redefined purpose that will be a trusted link between Defence and Australian SMEs.

“This new organisation will work directly with state and territory agencies, industry associations, SMEs, and major contractors to build greater sovereign capability,.

“ODIS will employ a proactive strategy to support businesses, because we need to start dragging the right SMEs through the door with the ability to provide local solutions to defence’s capability requirements.”

The CDIC has been best known for the defence capability grants which have gone to numerous SMEs for large and small-scale capital investment and capability and skill upgrading projects.

The new ODIS will have a dedicated regional support team that will seek out regional SMEs with the capability to enter the defence market.

The team will support those businesses in their pursuit of defence contracts and identify opportunities for them in defence programs.

Price said: “ODIS will have a presence in each state and territory, with industry engagement teams providing expert advice to assist businesses to integrate into supply chains and grow to become more competitive defence providers.

“I want ODIS staff right where the action is, so each ODIS office will be located within a defence industry precinct.”

Picture: Offices complex, Canberra

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