Choose local over Chinese imports, accountancy advises

The founder and CEO of listed accountancy firm Kelly + Partners is advising its 7,500 clients to look for Australian suppliers rather than import from China.


CEO Brett Kelly said that there was a “stark and unpalatable country risk” attached to importing from and exporting to the country, citing supply chain disruptions and human rights issues. 


“We are assisting many of our clients to move their product sourcing to other countries and Australia, where certified, high quality and cost-competitive raw materials and finished products are available without the spectre of illegal work and political practices,” he told The Australian Financial Review.


Kelly said there was an opportunity for manufacturers and others to benefit in the shift in sentiment.


The comments coincide with the release of results from the Lowy Institute’s 2020 “Understanding Australian Attitudes to the World” poll of 2,448 Australians


The survey was taken in the second half of March, before the federal government proposing an enquiry into the origins of the Covid-19 pandemic and a subsequent souring in relations. 


Among findings was that over nine-tenths of those asked said they would support the federal government helping exporters to find other markets.


“Trust in China is at its lowest point in the [16 year] history of the poll, with 23% saying they trust China a great deal or somewhat ‘to act responsibly in the world,’” according to the poll report.


Picture: Reuters


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