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Cyborg Dynamics and BIA5 complete unmanned vehicle

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Queensland electronics company BIA5 and automation company Cyborg Dynamics Engineering have produced their first three Warfighter unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) Product Baseline 1 (PBL01) vehicles destined for defence.

The companies were awarded up to $426,150 in funding under the Department of Defence’s Sovereign Industrial Capability Priorities (SICP) scheme to design, manufacture and test the UGV.

The Warfighter UGV is based on BIA5’s tracked OzBot All Terrain Robot (ATR) chassis.

The companies have posted regularly on social media, showing the UGV’s go through their paces, navigating autonomously, crossing difficult terrain, and equipped with various payloads including a remote weapons station (RWS) made by Canberra’s Electro Optic Systems (as pictured).

The vehicle is known to be capably of carrying a payload of up to 330kg.

Now social media posts have revealed various elements of the UGV’s design which incorporates feedback from defence end users and partners over the past two years:

  • Modular electrical, mechanical and software interfaces with programming interfaces for operator updates
  • Open architecture to support various payloads
  • Agnostic radio architecture to work as part of a heterogenous swarm or existing mesh network of customers
  • Hot swap Auxiliary Power Bay allowing for additionalsix hours silent runtime or onboard generator
  • Dual EO / IR front facing driver camera
  • Onboard vehicle Built in Self Test (BIST) and Diagnostics
  • Improved Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) modularity for operator and field maintenance
  • Speed and autonomy modes improved for usability
  • Tie down points rated for air transport
  • Additions for denied GPS operation

Picture: Warfighter UGV Product Baseline 1

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