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Fail to Embrace Autonomous Robotics & Technology and Fall Behind – by Daniel Milford

Analysis and Commentary

Australian business must embrace automation if they’re going to grow and remain competitive into the future, explains Daniel Milford (pictured, below).

Few leaders have a mature understanding of how to leverage technology in managing their business and leading their customers and employees into the future.

Companies that talk about rather than act upon transforming their business models and work culture to include autonomous robotics, jeopardise the life expectancy of their business.

Unless they embrace robotics, they will cease to exist.

You need an automation program if you are going to attract the best talent and boost your competitive performance and your AI edge in the market.

Smart technologies are going to get smarter, so Australian companies need to stop being ‘boardroom Power Point warriors’ and start genuinely interacting with the technology.

Talk fests are no substitute for investing in robotic technology.

Technological development and innovation doesn’t stop – it just keeps evolving. Take the smartphone.

The robot is like your phone– it’s almost useless without the apps. If you don’t have an up-to-date phone you will be left behind – and it’s the same with robots, all business will need a robot to improve their efficiencies.

Automation specialists can design a robot for just about any particular need but it’s software that makes the robot task driven and relevant.

Already the defence, mining, construction and oil and gas industries have invested in robotics to perform many menial, time-consuming roles, freeing up human employees to fulfil their full potential.

Robots are freeing up field workers in the mines from day-to-day jobs like gauge reading, leak detection, noise anomaly detection, thermal inspection and gas detection. They’re also able to record and report all of this data using cameras and microphones.

Soon, robots will be used to audit road tunnel safety and identify structural defects, cracks and leaks, something the human eye may miss.

Robots can produce incredibly accurate, consistent, and high quality work without needing breaks, sick leave, time off and can be left alone unsupervised to perform scheduled tasks. Programming a robot to perform high risk tasks will also reduce the risk to human life.

Without robotics, companies won’t be able to compete. Automation is a way to keep labour costs down. Robotics already underpins employment, efficiencies and profits.

They represents an unparalleled opportunity for companies to position themselves as leaders in their field.

The technology is here, it’s not science fiction. Robots are performing functions that have typically been the domain of humans but they do it smarter and more safely.

Daniel Milford is the CEO of Chironix, an Australian company that specialises in software engineering and robotics systems integration.

Pictures: Chironix/Spot the robot dog/Daniel Milford

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