First commercial project using local recycled soft-plastic-in-aggregate product

The redevelopment of Coles Horsham has featured the first commercial application of PolyRok, a product by Australian company Replas using soft plastic in place of aggregate minerals.

The project linked the two companies with collection company RED Group and RMIT University, and according to a statement from Coles would repurpose roughly 900,000 pieces of soft plastic in carpark concrete slab.

“Polyrok reduces the carbon footprint due to the reduced thermal mass it provides,” said Replas joint managing director Mark Jacobsen. 

“If innovative products like this were adopted in all buildings and car parks, the collective reduction in greenhouse gasses would be enormous.”

According to the release, the product could use up 105,000 tonnes of soft plastics a year instead of putting these landfill  if adopted in commercial concrete projects.

Coles State Construction Manager Victoria Fiona Lloyd said the redevlopment was the first commercial project to feature PolyRok.

Replas’s website claims the product uses 875,000 pieces of plastic packaging (3,500 kilograms) in a one metre wide and one kilometre stretch of path. This is “based on a 10 per cent mix of Polyrok against aggregate.”

Picture: Replas

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