Forcite takes its smart motorcycle helmet to the USA

By Stuart Corner

Australian startup Forcite that has developed a smart motorcycle helmet — originally for police motorcycle riders – is taking the product to the United States.

This follows what the company says has been overwhelming demand for the product since its launch earlier this year.

Forcite’s MK1 helmet (pictured) incorporates a high definition (HD) camera, microphone, speakers and uses a handlebar controller.

According to Forcite, its patented RAYDAR helmet system uses this hardware to connect motorcyclists to roads, communities and cities via server-based software..

This leverages AI to gather information from the millions of data points being communicated through mobile applications, GPS and cameras around the world.

RAYDAR “transmits that information to riders via a unique LED display that delivers coloured visual cues similar to high-tech Formula 1 steering wheels.

“(This enables) riders to receive relevant information such as directions, hazards and alerts without dangerous head up display distractions, and without having to take their eyes off the road.”

Here is a video detailing how RAYDAR works.

The company launched the helmet onto the Australian market in July saying: “You’ll know where the police are. Know the road surface ahead. Know where to go and when to turn to avoid traffic. You’ll know where to park, where your mates are, and even which pub has Happy Hour. In short, you’ll know everything you need to know to be safe, stay safe and arrive home safely.”

Forcite was founded in 2013 by industrial designer and mechanical engineer Alfred Boyadgis, along with co-founder Julian Chow.

It scored funding of $800,000 from UNSW’s Uniseed fund in February 2019, brings their total funding support to $2.8 million.

Stuart Corner is editor of IoT ustralia

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