Free cybersecurity toolkit for SMEs

Australian small businesses will have access to a range of tools and services to help them stay safe online thanks to a collaboration between the Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre (A3C) and the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA).

Together they have developed a free cybersecurity toolkit that is now available to small businesses across Australia.

The toolkit is a customised version of the GCA Cybersecurity Toolkit for Small Business – an online resource providing free, effective tools and resources that organisations in Australia can use to reduce their cyber risk.

A3C Interim Chief Executive Officer Paula Oliver said: “The Australian version of the GCA Cybersecurity Toolkit for Small Business was jointly developed to ensure it aligns with the security messaging for small businesses put out by the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC)”.

While the toolkit is the first major achievement resulting from the recent partnership, Ms Oliver said the two organisations would look at other initiatives.

“GCA have similar aims to A3C, so we want to extend the good work they do in Europe and the US to Australia. We will be a conduit for some of the work they do.”

One such potential collaboration is through a service known as Quad9, which is a collaboration between GCA, IBM, and Packet Clearing House.

Ms Oliver said: “Quad9 is completely free and protects internet users from accessing known malicious websites. We are starting to investigate whether we integrate that into the free city WiFi in Adelaide [where A3C is based] and cities around Australia.”

Quad9 was introduced across the New York City public WiFi network in 2018.

South Australian deputy premier and minister for industry Susan Close said this partnership highlights A3C’s commitment to collaboration and how the centre is able to use their collective knowledge to help Australian businesses.

Close said: “By bringing together industry experts, A3C is helping to build cyber awareness, capability and resilience for Australian small businesses.

“The A3C is able to use their collective knowledge and expertise to make cyberspace a better and safer place for people to do business.

“With a strong network of national and international cyber partnerships, the A3C is the only cyber centre in Australia that provides an opportunity for the education, industry and business sectors to come together.”

Access the free cybersecurity toolkit here.


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