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Geelong uses recycled glass in new roads

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Roads in Leopold and Lara were recently reopened after being repaved, using up 50 tonnes of recycled crushed glass.

The glass was crushed to the fineness of sand by Fulton Hogan at its Lara site. This replaces around 3 per cent of the road mix, which was used in the road’s base layer, around 4 centimetres from the surface. The roads were reopened last month.

Glass is not used in the road surface asphalt mix as yet, the City of Greater Geelong council said, and more testing is required to determine its performance.

“The City is currently in the planning phase for another innovative road construction project that will use recycled glass, plastic and crumbed tyre rubber in road construction,” it added, with that project expected to commence in April.

The pavement rehabilitation and asphalt overlay work at Christies Road in Leopald and Walker Road in Lara were supported through the federal Local Roads and Community Infrastructure program.

Waste glass came under a federal waste export ban at the beginning of the year.

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