Great Wrap launches compostable plant-based cling wrap

Melbourne start-up Great Wrap has launched a plant based, compostable and stretchy biodegradable replacement for conventional plastic wrap.

The company’s Great Wrap product is made from plant-sourced PLA and PBAT and is suitable for kitchens or for wrapping pallets of goods in factories and logistics centres.

The product is certified compostable, degrading in a compost heap in 180 days, and has passed FDA and EU food safe standards.

Founder Jordy Kay got the idea for the wrap when working in the wine industry and customers so far include small wineries and restaurants.

Kay’s ambition is to remove one million tonnes of plastic from the waste stream in a year.

Great Wrap can be placed in the organic waste bins provided by many local councils.

The company is contributing five per cent of all online sales to Plastic Bank who remove plastic from coastal ecosystems.

Plastic Bank work with communities in Haiti, Philippines and Indonesia to remove ocean bound plastic.

Picture: Great Wrap

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