Imagion’s breakthrough cancer device in manufacturing milestone

Australian listed medical imaging company Imagion Biosystems has moved a step closer to trialing its breakthrough cancer detection device, with the first phase of manufacture of a nanoparticle formulation completed despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

Manufacture of the company’s MagSense HER2 nanoparticle formulation proceeded uninterrupted by the pandemic under good manufacturing practice (GMP) conditions.

The second phase of manufacture is on schedule to allow the company to undertake its first human trials.

Imagion’s MagSense is a new non-radioactive and safe diagnostic imaging technology that combines biotechnology and nanotechnology to detect cancer and other diseases.

Specialised MagSense nanoparticles are coated with tumour targeting antibodies and can be administered by simple intravenous injection.

Weak, but highly sensitive magnetic fields are used to locate the nanoparticles which bind to the targeted tumour cells.

Imagion executive chairman, Bob Proulx said: “We took great care in our preparations before commencing manufacturing and that has paid off.

“The first step of the production process is the trickiest, so completing this step on schedule is encouraging.”

Proulx describes the MagSense technology as a transformative opportunity for healthcare which could improve the standard of care for staging HER2 breast cancer.

Picture: Imagion Biosystems

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