Jason Kell, Founder and Managing Director, Enduraclad International

Jason Kell started Enduraclad from scratch in 2011, armed with donated tools and a borrowed plasma cutter. Today it is an award-winning, fast-growing fabricator, focussing on mining and earth-moving. 

What is your job and who is your company?

I am employed as the Managing Director of Enduraclad Group, which consists of four factory locations around Australia.

What does your role involve and how does it fit into the business?

Leading four businesses I tend to seek inspiration among the management groups providing guidance on a whole array of facets in business development. Lending a hand in key strategic areas of each of the business and promoting skill growth and development within the manufacturing divisions.

What does your company do well? What are your capabilities? Who are your clients?

Enduraclad Group is well equipped to respond quickly to customer requirements. Having trained all staff in many key activities, the group’s cross-functional support is outstanding. Enduraclad Group has a whole array of fabrication and welding technology at its disposal. Developing next-generation hardfacing technologies strengthens of resolve in the wear-resistant products market, supplying much-needed cost savings to many mining clients around the world.

We love making machines last longer and relish the challenges to improve safety with our supplied products.

What does your career path look like? Are there any highlights and/or awards along the way that you’re proud of?

Having begun my career as an engineer, I quickly developed the skills needed to grow a manufacturing business quickly. With a notably humble beginning, Enduraclad has been the recipient of many Awards since 2014, including taking honours in the 2017 Telstra Business Awards for best Western Australian Medium Business.

What’s a typical day at work look like?

Meetings, meetings and more meetings. Getting groups together is important and strategic for development.

What are some tools/techniques/tactics you use to do your job?

Enduraclad is big with technology. Having built our own software systems, we can ensure we stay ahead of the competition, and allowing us to modify as needed has been beneficial

Is there an issue in Australian manufacturing that’s not getting enough attention at the moment? Why is it important?

Innovation is not happening in Australian manufacturing like it did many years ago. Too many companies are producing a “me too” product in order to take an easy slice of the market. A drop in innovation leads to opportunities for new and improved imports, which will eventually eradicate Australian manufacturing.

What do you get out of your involvement with the Australian Manufacturing Forum?

Speaking with other leaders In manufacturing is important and this forum allows that connectivity with a world-wide stage. Understanding other manufacturers’ struggles and how they overcome them has avoided much wasted time.


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