K-TIG to enter carbon steel market

Welding technology company K-TIG has successfully developed welding procedures for high strength carbon steels in addition to its stainless steel capabilities, opening up access to a new market worth billions of dollars a year.

The company, which manufactures patented, high productivity welding equipment and offers welding as a service, has proven welding of A516 Grade 70 Carbon steel which is used to make critical components for heavy industries.

K-TIG has identified the $US$43 billion carbon steel vessel market and the US$60 billion carbon pipe market as entry points to the market.

Managing director Adrian Smith said: “A516 is one of the most commonly used carbon steels globally and particularly in the USA.

“Demonstration of K-TIG achieving American Society of Mechanical Engineers code certified welds is an exciting milestone that further expands the market opportunity for our technology.”

K-TIG’s advanced keyhole welding system is able for perform a traditional six-hour Tig weld in three minutes, and to a quality standard which meets the most demanding requirements of the nuclear, aerospace & defence industries.

K-TIG will now develop procedures for other carbon steels.

Picture: K-TIG

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