K-TIG to team up with Korea’s Hanwha Defence in welding

Welding technology company K-TIG will develop advanced keyhole welding techniques for major South Korean defence manufacturer Hanwha Defence Corporation and its local arm Hanwha Defence Australia.

Hanwha is the preferred supplier for self-propelled artillery being manufactured for the Army and is shortlisted to supply infantry fighting vehicles under Australia’s Land 400 phase 3 project.

Under the agreement K-TIG will work with Hanwha to develop automated welding procedures for the two projects.

Hanwha plans to build and assemble its Huntsman self-propelled howitzers (pictured) in Australia in a project worth $2.6 billion.

K-TIG will demonstrate its ability to weld advanced steels for military vehicles in the joint geometries applicable to the Huntsman vehicle.

K-TIG managing director Adrian Smith said: “Partnering with Hanwha to create critical equipment for Australia’s defence is a significant opportunity to deploy the speed, efficiency and effectiveness of our advanced keyhole welding technology.”

Smith said the agreement would create local jobs and develop strategically vital manufacturing skills.

Following a successful 24-week welding demonstration program the technology will be utilised at Hanwha’s Geelong facility where Huntsman is to be built.

Sixty of the self-propelled systems are to be manufactured locally along with 15 ammunition supply vehicles.

Should Hanwha be successful in its bid to build infantry fighting vehicles, the potential contract value is more than $18 billion.

In June @AuManufacturing revealed K-TIG was to develop defence technologies and business with Axion Precision Manufacturing and Bisalloy Steels.

Picture: Hanwha Defence Corporation

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