Line Hydrogen unveils Tasmania green hydrogen plant


Queensland-based Line Hydrogen has announced their first commercial-scale green hydrogen plant in Tasmania set to begin construction by the middle of 2022.

The company has executed a terms sheet with Climate Capital’s Bell Bay Solar Farm to construct up to a 5MW ground-mounted solar farm in George Town, Northern Tasmania.

This will supply behind-the-meter renewable energy to Line Hydrogen’s hydrogen production plant, with a target of power supply and first production on 31 January 2023.

Line Hydrogen’s executive chairman Brendan James said that the agreement would deliver Australia’s first commercial-scale green hydrogen as a diesel fuel replacement in heavy haulage, mining activity and back to base operations.

James said: “We chose Tasmania as our first production site because of its renewable energy sources, its willingness to progress green hydrogen projects, and the relationship developed with Climate Capital.”

James said that replacing diesel with hydrogen would help make Australia self-reliant, improve our trade terms, and help move industry towards net zero goals.

“Every single day, Australians consume around 84 million litres of diesel, increasing our CO2 emissions, negatively affecting Australia’s terms of trade, and making us reliant on imports.”

Climate Capital has secured development approval for the site, and Line Hydrogen has begun the development approval process for its green hydrogen production plant.

Construction of the solar farm is set to begin by mid-2022 in Tasmania, followed shortly after by the construction of a hydrogen production facility subject to approval timelines.

Line Hydrogen has also executed an Memorandum of Understanding with Climate Capital to identify, develop and deliver co-located green hydrogen production plants across Australia.

Line Hydrogen has been actively working on a project site in South East Queensland for the past two years.

Picture: Line Hydrogen executes a terms sheet with Climate Capital’s Bell Bay Solar Farm

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