Lynas forced to refute contamination claims

Rare earths producer Lynas Corporation has been forced to go public to refute claims by anti-company activists in Malaysia that it was misleading the public.

Lynas, which is mired in controversy about radioactive wastes from its Malaysian processing operations, reacted to claims from Save Malaysia, Stop Lynas (SMSL).

The group said Lynas misled investors by stating that the Pahang state government had given approval for waste to be dumped at a site in Bukit Ketam, when no such approval was given.

Lynas said it was disappointed the claims were made and reported in the media.

Lynas said: “The state government of Pahang issued its consent to a site at Bukit Ketam for a permanent disposal facility (PDF) for the water leach purification residue.”

A consent letter from the state is one of the criteria set by the Malaysian government for the renewal of Lynas’ operating licence.

Lynas said it expects the site is suitable as the location for the PDF.

“Prior to construction of the storage facility further work will be undertaken in accordance with international guidelines and regulatory requirements.”

Lynas has previously announced is moving some processing operations from Malaysia to Mt Weld in Western Australia.

Picture: Lynas

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