Manufacturer’s grant cancelled following budget program slashing

Environmental technology company Calix has seen funding for its low-emissions tech evaporate after the government dropped a number of programs in its latest budget.

In May this year, Calix received an $11m grant to develop technology with Adbri under the Carbon Capture, Use and Storage (CCUS) Hubs and Technologies Program, which would have been the world’s first commercial-scale process for the manufacture of low-emissions lime.

Calix said that Boral has also advised it that $30m in grant funding, from the same program, that supported a CCUS project using Calix’s cement and lime decarbonisation technology, has also been cancelled.

At the time of the partnership’s announcement, Boral’s Chief Operating Officer, Darren Schulz, said the company was committed to investing in projects that create high-performing products while reducing its carbon footprint.

“This is game-changing technology for our industry and will play a critical role in supporting customers’ sustainability targets,” Schulz said.

Despite the government program cancellation, the company said it continues to work with Adbri on developing the world’s first commercial-scale process for low-emissions lime and is “engaging with Boral to consider the implications of the cancelled funding for its proposed project in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales”.

However, the Australian government has announced it will implement a new Carbon Capture Technologies program, providing around $141 million over ten years in grants as part of the government’s realignment of investment in carbon capture technologies.

“This measure will improve quality of spending by redirecting and delivering savings from the 2021–22 Budget measure titled Emissions Reduction and New Investment Under the Technology Investment Roadmap,” the budget papers said.

Companies will have to reapply for grants once the program opens in 2023. The government said the focus would be on hard-to-abate industries such as cement manufacturing.

Manufacturing was one industry under the spotlight in the new budget, as Federal Treasurer Jim Chalmers said there will be “no more sleepwalking while other advanced economies seize new opportunities”.

Calix said it is awaiting further details of the Australian Government’s new grant program, while also pursuing state and regional programs to assist with these projects.

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