Meet the Fonzarelli X1 – Australia’s $10,000 super scooter

Sydney company Fonzarelli has launched a performance version of its Australian made electric scooter – the Fonzarelli X1.

The scooter, made in Sydney from local and imported parts, sells for $9,890 and is capable of a top speed of 100 KM/H with a range of 80 kilometres.

The company, headed by engineer Michelle Nazarri, has included more local parts in this its third model in the range – the stainless steel frame is made in Brookvale, Sydney.

Nazarri said: “It is all about nought to 100, just getting round town…they are fun and nippy as well.”

The company launched its first scooter in 2012, with a second more successful launch in 2014.

Scooters are assembled in Redfern, Sydney with suppliers mostly on Sydney’s northern beaches.

Nazarri said: “The first was a commercial failure but that was OK

“Now we are taking market share from the likes of Vespa, with people wanting a good quality product and something which says ‘just me’.”

Equipped with a portable Panasonic lithium-ion power pack, the bike can be charged from a normal household plug, and has claimed weekly running costs of $1.

The X1 features regenerative braking and a motor with a maximum power output of 13kW, with 24.5 N/m of torque.

Reviews of the scooter, mainly on social media, have been very favourable.

Like all electric vehicles it is quiet, and extremely quick off the mark, as maximum torque is available at any engine speed.

The makers claim the scooter can reach 100 KM/H in six seconds, the equivalent of a performance sedan.

Fonzarelli sells three models starting at $5,490.

Picture: Fonzarelli

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