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Micro-X sends x-ray machines to Ukraine

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Adelaide x-ray machine manufacturer Micro-X has partnered with US charity Revived Soldiers Ukraine to provide its rugged, lightweight Rover X-ray devices to the beleaguered country.

Revived Soldiers Ukraine has purchased four Rover devices which are on their way to be used in Ukrainian hospitals.

The Micro-X Rover is the military version of the company’s Nano machine, with both units sharing the company’s novel carbon fibre nanotube x-ray emitter.

The emitter uses far less power than conventional x-ray generators, is more durable and is smaller and lighter and easier to manoeuvre than conventional systems.

It delivers simpler x-ray imaging for patients and faster workflow for radiographers.

The Rover was first designed for the Australian military as an ultra-mobile radiology solution for military hospitals, delivering the full spectrum of imaging solutions in support of combat operations or humanitarian aid and disaster relief.

The Rover weighs in at around 95kg compared with the 500kg or more for a conventional imaging machines.

Micro-X CFO Kingsley Hall said the company was able to provide the Rovers to Revived Soldiers Ukraine within 24 hours and they are now on their way to Ukraine, providing invaluable diagnostic equipment for injured people.

Hall said: “The Rover can be easily manoeuvred through hospital corridors to a patient’s bedside in a crowded ICU, or a military field hospital, and more easily and safely positioned by radiographers.

“Supporting humanitarian efforts is essential, and we appreciate that the capabilities of the Rover will be able to provide diagnostic services where they’re needed most.”

Picture: Micro-X Rover

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