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Mildura cannabis facility receives manufacturing licence

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Medicinal cannabis grower and manufacturer Cann Group has been granted a manufacturing and GMP testing licence for its Mildura, Victoria production facility (main picture, and below) by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

The Mildura GMP Licence enables Cann to manufacture Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), hard capsules, Satipharm capsules for human therapeutic use, and perform in-house chemical, physical, and microbiological tests.

The GMP approved testing will demonstrate that products meet local and overseas regulatory requirements.

Earlier this year Cann Group was issued with licences and permits by the Office of Drug Control (ODC) and the Victorian Department of Health, which allowed manufacturing and testing activities to begin at Mildura.

Medicinal cannabis products manufactured at Mildura may now be made available to patients via the TGA’s approved access pathways in Australia and potentially for export markets.

Cann CEO Peter Crock said: “GMP licencing is the regulatory capstone of the Mildura facility, allowing us to cultivate, extract, manufacture, test, and supply finished products entirely in-house.

“With the licence in place, we can now add additional GMP capabilities in response to market demands.”

In March 2017, Cann Group was issued Australia’s first Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation Licence.

The company also operates a research and cultivation facility in Melbourne.

Pictures: Cann Group/Mildura facility

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