Naval Group to locally manufacture sub defence system

French submarine builder Naval Group has flagged big ambitions for its CANTO anti-torpedo vessel protection decoy, announcing it will partner with local firms to make the system in Australia.

CANTO, which generates a 360-degree acoustic signal and hundreds of false targets that confuse an attacking torpedo, will likely be fitted to the Attack class submarines the company is building for the navy.

CANTO is used in conjunction with another Naval Group system, CONTRALTO which recommends the optimum evasive action for a submarine or surface vessel under torpedo attack.

Naval Group has put a proposal to the federal government covering the transfer of skills and knowledge to Australian industry to produce CANTO locally.

“This sharing of expertise and experience will not only contribute to Australia’s defence landscape but boost local manufacturing,” the company said in a statement.

It is understood Naval Group’s ambitions for the system extend to the Hunter Class frigates being built in Adelaide, the two vessels offering a sizeable market for the decoy.

Picture: Defence

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