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New National Robotics Strategy to drive industry adoption

Manufacturing News

The federal government has released Australia’s first National Robotics strategy boosting robotics and automation technologies to build a Future Made in Australia.

The Minister for Industry and Science Ed Husic made the announcement at an AI summit in Sydney.

Robotics and automation technologies have enormous potential to transform advanced manufacturing, support a transition to net zero, combat workforce shortages and create safer and more productive work environments, according to an announcement.

They could add up to $600 billion per annum to GDP and increase productivity growth by up to 150 per cent.

Husic said: “Robotics and automation will be important ingredients in helping Australian industry deliver a Future Made in Australia.

“Investing in the skills of our people, along with investing in technology like robotics and automation, will help sharpen our advanced manufacturing edge and grow secure jobs.

“We’ve seen when other countries like Germany and Japan invest in automation, they’re able to keep jobs and industry onshore in a competitive global environment.”

Husic’s statement said the strategy charted a course for governments, industry, researchers and the wider community to position Australia as a leader in developing, manufacturing and using responsible robotics and automation technologies.

The strategy has four streams:

  • National capability: Build a strong, collaborative robotics and automation ecosystem that is recognised for its strengths, has a thriving domestic market and exports globally
  • Increasing adoption: Support Australian industries to integrate robotics and automation in ways that benefit Australian workers and communities
  • Trust, inclusion and responsible development and use: Ensure robotics and automation in Australia are safe to use alongside Australian workers and are secure and inclusive by design
  • And skills and diversity: Support Australians from all backgrounds to contribute to and benefit from the development and adoption of robotics and automation.

The strategy was developed with guidance from the National Robotics Strategy Advisory Committee, and shaped by an extensive, nationwide consultation process.

The strategy also complements and is supported by the Government’s National Reconstruction Fund and Industry Growth Program.

Husic said: “As our mining and ag sectors have shown, we’ve got some of the best robotics know-how in the world, but we’re 32nd for the take-up of industrial robots.

“Our strategy shows how we can develop our competitive strengths using these technologies, leveraging what we already do well.”

Picture: Ed Husic

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