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NT awards first industrial hemp licence

Manufacturing News

The Northern Territory’s first commerce licence for growing industrial hemp has been awarded.

The territory’s Industrial Hemp Act 2019 came into effect this year, allowing regulated cultivation of fibre and grain with up to 1 per cent THC (the psychotropic component of hemp) and seed up to 0.5 per cent THC.

Successful licensee Michael Jakobi said he had applied seeking an alternative to growing hay, and “because I thought it would be a good rotational fit with some of my crops,” he explained. 

Jakobi added that hemp’s multiple uses were appealing, as was its possible soil conditioning benefits.

Hemp can be farmed and has thousands of known uses including food and beverages, rope, building materials and cosmetics.

“Starting an industrial hemp industry here in the Territory brings with it new jobs and new manufacturing and exporting opportunities – the potential is very exciting,” said NT agribusiness minister Nicole Manison.


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