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OIdfield announces scaffolding system recall over safety concerns

Manufacturing News

Scaffolding and painting equipment maker Oldfields Holdings has issued a recall of its scaffolding braces over safety concerns they may unlock and disengage from frames.

Oldfield says a component of its guard rail and hand rail braces, a self-lock spring hook, used in two of its scaffolding systems, may fail and disconnect from the scaffolds, causing a safety risk.

The company has issued a recall of 11,000 affected braces, which are used in the 2600 series, Zippy Scaff and Mini Zippy Scaff mobile scaffold towers.

Oldfield says no injuries have been reported and while risk to users is low, it identified that these braces may fail and is replacing all of these products.

“The company believes that the issue with the hooks can be simply addressed by replacing a spring in the hook mechanism with a stronger spring. The replacement process is straightforward,” it says in a company statement.

Oldfield says the financial impact of the recall and costs of remedial work is not yet known, but it is investigating whether work can be done on customer sites or has to be carried out at the company’s facilities.

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