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Renewable Metals recycling plant to be built in the UK

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The largest end-of-life vehicle recycler in the UK, EMR has acquired ‘a significant stake’ in Australian recycling company Renewable Metals in a multi-million dollar deal which will see a novel demonstration-scale battery shredding and critical minerals refining plant built in the UK.

Renewable Metals has developed a highly differentiated recycling process which has fewer steps than existing recycling routes for lithium-ion batteries.

This process can deliver higher recovery rates without producing sodium sulfate and is better suited to handling the variability in chemistry of end of life Li-Ion batteries.

The two-stage process takes discharged battery modules, with the shredding and refining steps yielding LME grade nickel and copper, as well as cobalt, lithium and manganese salts, all of which can go directly back into the battery supply chain.

CEO of Renewable Metals Luan Atkinson said: “We’re incredibly excited to have the opportunity to demonstrate the cost and environmental advantages of our technology at a larger scale, and looking forward to a future in the UK with EMR.”

The recycling of EV batteries is an essential element in creating a low carbon impact circular supply chain for electric vehicles, as the industry prepares for their widespread uptake over the next decade.

EMR will supply end-of-life batteries to the state-of-the-art, large demonstrator plant to be built at EMR’s R&D complex in Birmingham, which is already permitted to handle end of life automotive battery packs.

The facility will be able to process automotive, e-mobility (such as e-bikes and e-scooters), industrial, domestic and portable lithium-ion batteries.

The Managing Director for Technology, and Innovation at EMR Roger Morton said: “The team behind Renewable Metals have a world class reputation in this field developed over many years, so we are thrilled to be working together with them on this exciting project.

“EV battery recycling is a challenge we are working extremely hard to deliver and that is exactly what we’re doing here.

“This investment fits perfectly with EMR’s global strategy to deliver more sustainable materials for the UK and European automotive industry.”

Picture: Renewable Metals

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