SEA Electric displays badged EV range at Brisbane Truck Show

Electric truck drive train manufacturer SEA Electric is to display five of its truck models assembled in Australia from kits for the first time at the upcoming Brisbane Truck Show.

The company’s first range as an OEM supplier includes the its’ latest – the SEA 300-45 EV and SEA 300-85 EV.

All are powered by the locally-manufactured SEA-Drive Power-System and battery packs, which are assembled into a range of truck and van options at its Dandenong, Melbourne plant.

The company recently released its Australian Design Rules certified SEA Electric badged trucks, as assembled from Semi Knock Down kits in Melbourne.

SEA Electric’s President Tony Fairweather said: “This Semi Knock Down kit collaboration is the first of its kind, and has set the benchmark for similar programs in other SEA Electric markets around the world.”

A highlight will be the unveiling of the SEA 300-45 EV model, with its 4,500kg GVM capable of being driven on a car licence.

The SEA-Drive 70-7 Power-System fitted to the truck features maximum power and torque ratings of 127kW and 700Nm.

Its 88kWh battery capacity provides up to 250km of unladen range with a fast charging time of under two hours.

SEA Electric Regional Director Glen Walker said: “It’s fantastic that the Brisbane Truck Show is back, and we are excited to be able to present our range to the public, now as an OE manufacturer.

“Operators the world over have mandates to reduce their carbon footprint, with SEA Electric at the forefront of zero-emissions solutions for transport.

“No other company has a line-up of all-electric models with a GVM range of 4.5 through to 22.5 tonnes.”

SEA Electric has completed a new production line assembling the trucks (pictured) from the Semi Knock Down kits.

This avoids discarding components which was necessary previously when the company retrofitted existing vehicles.

“The consistency of assembly also results in a commonality of the parts required and the sort benefits that come from volume manufacture.

“Perhaps the most important element of SKD assembly is it allows SEA Electric to relate to the Australian transport sector in the time-honoured tradition – as an OEM with a full range of products sold, serviced and supported from a National Dealer Network.”

Picture: SEA Electric

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