Silentium integrates passive radar in air defence capability


Silentium Defence is working with Lockheed Martin Australia to integrate its passive radar systems into LMA’s proposed solution to the RAAF’s need for a future Integrated Air and Missile Defence capability.

Silentium is designing and testing a range of cutting-edge technologies that can be incorporated into LMA’s Joint Air Battle Management System solution for the AIR6500 Phase 1 Project (AIR6500-1).

The two companies have been working together for more than 12 months to explore how Silentium’s Maverick passive radar capability can be integrated into a LMA open architecture framework.

Passive radar detects radar and other sources of radiation in the environment, but does not itself emit a signal that can be detected.

Silentium’s CEO Dr James Palmer the project was an opportunity to create a first-of-type sovereign capability.

Dr Palmer said: “Driven by a sovereign open architecture and tactical cloud, the program design supports Silentium Defence and other Australian industry partners to rapidly add capabilities into the solution to meet evolving operational needs of the Australian Defence Force.

“Lockheed Martin Australia AIR6500-1’s solution is highly secure and flexible, which meant it was a straightforward process for Silentium Defence to fuse our technologies into their systems architecture.”

Silentium Defence believes its distributed passive radar network will provide a cost effective, covert, and comprehensive situational awareness picture to contribute to Joint Air Battle Management System.

Silentium’s Maverick family of radars is now in various stages of development across all three defence services including space with significant interest internationally.

Dr Palmer said, “We are proud to be contributing to a major defence program that will be delivered in Australia by Australians for Australia and will create local jobs for Defence Industry.”

LMA AIR6500 capture manager Kendell Kuczma said: “This technology gives the ADF a strategic advantage by enabling real-time, persistent situational awareness of future threats using alternative and complementary technology to AIR6500-1 capabilities.”

Picture: Silentium Defence/Maverick

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