Solpod onshores solar roof mounting systems

Solar PV rooftop mountings manufacturer Solpod Pty Ltd has signed has signed an OEM agreement with German-based Schletter to onshore production of its innovative redeployable rooftop system for large-scale commercial solar installations.

Known in the market as the Solpod Mini, the company is manufacturing the system in its Dandenong, Melbourne plant, with sales to customers taking place through Shell-owned energy business ERM Solutions.

Rather than assembling every panel, bolt, nut and cable on a customer’s roof, the system allows pre-fabrication in a quality-controlled factory as raised aluminium pods, saving time on the installation process.

The Solpods are mounted without penetrating the rooftop, allowing panels to be removed and relocated if required.

According to Solpod CEO James Larratt, property group GPT Group and Property NSW had signed up for installations and a a system demonstration programme had been backed by a $975,000 grant from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA).

It is expected a typical installation on logistics and industrial sheds of 500 kW, and smaller 100-500 kW systems will open up new markets for commercial solar.

Larratt said: “With the launch of the Schletter…product range, the Australian solar industry can access locally made solar mounting with the added benefit of Schletter’s sales and support engineers.”

“We estimate over 1,200 direct manufacturing jobs could be created by Australian industry switching to locally manufactured rooftop mounting solutions.”

The products also set a new best practice in Occupational Health and Safety with installers no longer required to reach over the one-metre width of a panel to tighten clamps, reducing the risk of back injury and panel damage.

Solpod was founded in 2017 and operates out of offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Newcastle. Solpod has patents pending on its technology.

Managing director of Schletter Trevor De Vries said its technologies were considered globally the premium solution.

De Vries said: “Our partnership with Solpod on SECT is a wonderful endorsement of Australian innovation and manufacturing and adds real depth to our product portfolio.”

Picture: Solpod brochure

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