Sovereign Missile Alliance links with Diehl Defence


The Sovereign Missile Alliance (SMA) backed by indigenous companies Electro Optic Systems and Nova Systems has linked with Germany’s Diehl Defence for guided missile technology.

The companies announced today of their intention to collaborate with Diehl Defence which is well known for its work modifying the Sidewinder air-to-air guided missile used for decades globally for fighter aircraft.

Diehl Defence produces the Sidewinder under licence in Europe and in its Laser-Guided Sidewinder (LaGS) programme retrofitted it into an air-to-ground precision weapon.

Now the SMA will support missile and guided weapons manufacturing for use across the Australian Defence Force.

The SMA, together with EOS and Nova Systems, will leverage expertise from more than 1,000 Australian employees and annual turnovers of around $500 in revenue.

The Australian based and owned companies are developing an indigenous answer to the call by the federal government to establish a truly sovereign missile manufacturing capability.

EOS’ founder and Group CEO, Dr Ben Greene said, “The Sovereign Missile Alliance is dedicated to providing a family of sovereign guided weapons for the defence of Australia.

“This collaboration with Diehl Defence will bring world leading technology to Australia to enable this development to occur.”

However Diehl Defence has said its collaboration with SMA will be on a non-exclusive basis.

Diehl Defence CEO Helmut Rauch said: “We are looking forward to intensifying the cooperation with our Australian partners.

“We will highly appreciate any opportunity to team up as one element within the Sovereign Guided Weapons Enterprise and provide guided missile expertise.”

Picture: Diehl Defence/Sidewinder

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