SPEE3D machine features in new US industrial training centre


Australian additive manufacturing technology business SPEE3D has announced that US engineering and technology institute EWI will install a WarpSPEED machine at its new Cold Spray Center of Excellence.

EWI – formerly Edison Welding Institute – is a nonprofit offering services such as training and applied research to industry members. It is headquartered in Columbus Ohio, with the new Australian-made machine to be installed at its Buffalo location.

“EWI looks forward to using the WarpSPEE3D technology to identify and accelerate the successful application of cold spray solutions across various manufacturing industries.” said Howie Marotto, the organisation’s AM Business Director.

EWI has also invested in cold spray machines from VRC Metal Systems, and Centerline SST at the new cold spray research centre, which will open this year.

Cold spray uses compressed air to blast metal powders through a nozzle at supersonic speeds, fusing them together on a surface to form near-net shapes. It is one of the leaders in the approach, which has been used for years in coating and repairs, but only recently to build parts.

“We look forward to seeing how EWI uses our technology to overcome various industry challenges at their new research centre,“ said Steven Camilleri, CTO and co-founder of SPEE3D. 

Camilleri’s company has been gaining traction in the US market, with recent sales of a second machine to Phillips Federal announced in January, and earning the Expeditionary & Tactical 3D Printing Excellence Award at the 6th Military Additive Manufacturing Summit in Tampa, Florida, held by the US Defense Strategies Institute (DSI) last month. 

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