Technologies and tools for a manufacturing transformation series launch

Over April, we invited the @AuManufacturing and Australian Manufacturing Forum communities to have their say on what policies the sector needs to thrive.

As readers will know, we were pleasantly swamped: close to 50 substantial submissions. Lots of comments and other bits of feedback, too. This was all distilled into the crowd-sourced “new deal plan” (see here if you haven’t already read the results.) 

This month, we’re again drawing on the wisdom of the Australian manufacturing crowd for our “Technologies and tools for a manufacturing transformation” series. It’s an attempt to know what manufacturers themselves, rather than policy-makers, can do to ensure a prosperous future. 

We are delighted to officially launch the series today, with pieces by Gary Walsh of BNNT Technology and Rowan Lamont of Business Models Inc. If new materials and new strategies don’t represent technologies and tools for transforming the sector, then we’re not sure what does. 

We are also delighted to say we’ve received a good number of high-quality analysis pieces already.

We’re grateful to those who have sent forward their ideas already on what needs to happen next. We are also grateful to the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre and Titomic for supporting this initiative, which will continue the conversation around what needs to happen to grow the sector now and post-Covid-19.

We welcome your ideas if you’d like to write them down and share them. Go on. 

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@AuManufacturing’s Technologies and tools for a manufacturing transformation series is brought to you with the support of Titomic and the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre.


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