Pawsey partners for quantum moon shot

By Denham Sadler Australia has an opportunity to build a world-leading quantum computing industry and develop important sovereign capability in the technology, according to Quantum Brilliance chief executive Andrew Horsley. Quantum Brilliance is an Australian quantum computing hardware provider spun out of the Australian National University last year. The company uses artificial diamonds to power…

Internet traffic is growing 25% each year. We created a fingernail-sized chip that can help the NBN keep up

Our internet connections have never been more important to us, nor have they been under such strain. As the COVID-19 pandemic has made remote working, remote socialisation, and online entertainment the norm, we have seen an unprecedented spike in society’s demand for data.

Hitting the marc: Australian work aims to salvage value from winery waste

An Australian company estimates there’s $600 in valuable material sitting unused in every tonne of winery waste. Brent Balinski spoke to Professor Enzo Palombo about what’s trapped in there, and how to get it out. 

Australian quantum technology could become a $4 billion industry and create 16,000 jobs

Quantum technology is set to transform electronics, communications, computation, sensing and other fields. In the process it can create new markets, new applications and new jobs in Australia.

New alloy, battery manufacturing development among $35 million grant round

The final round of 2019 ARC Linkage Project grants was on announced on Thursday, with funding for 77 projects, including new manufacturing processes for superalloy components and graphene cathodes for next-generation batteries.

3RT to offer digital wood production units

Sustainable hardwood products manufacturer 3RT is to have digital production units (pictured) manufactured to make its Designer Hardwood (pictured) range of value-added timber products. The Adelaide company has developed a world-first technology in collaboration with Flinders University that converts wood waste into timber. Designer Hardwood looks, feels and has the mechanical properties of 100 year…

Loyal Wingman faces competition, and a software battle

The US Air Force has launched a competition to develop AI software to control groups of highly capable unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) flying in formation with conventional jet aircraft such as the F-35 joint strike fighter. The USAF intends to let a number of development contracts for the software, known as Skyborg, according to a…

CAE awarded $26 million Hercules simulator project

Systems integrator CAE Australia has earned a $26 million contract to upgrade a C-130J aircraft training simulator and training systems at the Richmond air force base in western Sydney.

Rubber made from waste opens door to sustainable production

A recyclable rubber material made from waste has been developed by a team of researchers spearheaded in South Australia.

Washington H Soul Pattinson backs Leading Edge Data Centres

By Stuart Corner ASX listed investment house, Washington H Soul Pattinson, has invested $20 million in Leading Edge Data Centres to fund a network of regional edge computing data centres around Australia. Leading Edge says it will build a network of 20 world-class tier three data centres across regional Australia to provide faster internet speeds…