Tekt Industries funded to support semiconductor supply chain

Product development, manufacturing and commercialisation specialist Tekt Industries has won a federal government Supply Chain Resilience Grant to improve local support for the semiconductor and printed circuit board sectors.

The grant supports an investment in over $1.4 million in new equipment at the company’s Abbotsford, Melbourne facility, including 100 nanometre level high resolution X-Ray inspection and ultra-high precision assembly robots.

CEO Matthew Adams took to social media to welcome the grant and celebrate a tour (pictured) on Friday of government representatives Senator David Van and Chrestyna Kmetj, where they saw ‘how Tekt is contributing to advanced manufacturing and improving local capability’.

This would support the evaluation of semiconductor fabrication processes and a wide range of other non-destructive inspection applications.

Tekt Industries houses dedicated state-of-the-art PCB assembly and prototyping machinery, and aims to help clients with rapid manufacture of product prototypes and pilot production runs.

This helps ‘bridge the gap to higher volume contract-manufacture…providing stepping stones towards scaling-up local or foreign fabrication.

Tekt is a product development house offering services in electronics development, embedded software development, PCB design, CAD drafting, design validation, technical consulting, end-to-end production management, and testing services.

This is not the first grant received by the company from the federal government.

In October Tekt Industries won backing to develop an augmented reality (AR) based quality control and inspection system, initially for use in printed circuit board manufacturing.

The company received a $250,000 grant from the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC) in 2020 to lead the development of an AI Camera based compact vision processing and control module.

Picture: Tekt Industries

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